participant info

Dash Hack is approaching fast, so we have prepared a complete info package that with all the info you need to know about the main event.

Please read this thoroughly, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. (
Communication Channels
The main channel for communications we will use during the even it a messaging app called Telegram. in case you don't already have it, you can download it on your phone and computer here:

The platform doesn’t require a telephone number but you need to choose a username. We recommend you use your own name to minimize any confusion. The official language of all the chat is English.

The platform will also be used by company representatives and mentors for general communication.
Forming your teams
Before the Pre-event all participants will be added to two telegram groups:

- The info channel for all participants: Here you will get all information you need before and during the hackathon.
- Challenge-specific telegram channel: This is where you will have access to the partners and mentors of your challenge, and it will be where you receive challenge-specific information. 

At the Pre-event, you will find out about your teams. We will send a list of the teams and team members thorough the telegram groups and via email. Please connect with your teammates and create a group chat on Telegram (or elsewhere) where you can communicate with each-other prior to and throughout the hackathon.
The Venue: VALO Hotel
This year, Dash Hackathon will be held in the VALO Hotel. Last year's "Hack In A Hotel" concept was a success, so we decided to continue using this venue as we believe that the hotel environment gives us a unique way to organize a safe hackathon.

How does this work?
In practice, this means that we will provide one room to each team for them to use as a co-working space. These rooms will have a table and chairs for a comfortable working environment.

For people who needed accommodation, these rooms can be used to sleep in (we have made sure there is a maximum of 1 person who needs accommodation per team).

Four meals will be provided at VALO Hotel (see meals in the schedule below).
Event Schedule
Dash Hack 2023 Schedule
Tools for the competition
The main tool that teams will use during the competition will be Google drive. This allows for easier collaboration, tracking and sharing of each team's progress, and simplifies the process of submitting and presenting the final solutions.
Info Desk
The info desk will be open throughout the whole event, you can come and ask anything there.

The info desk will have @dashinfo Telegram username where all questions can be answered.
See you soon!
And If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Joonatan Pesonen
Info Team Lead