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At Dash, we believe in solving business challenges in a multidisciplinary manner. Which is why we host a yearly hackathon, a weekend-long problem-solving competition, where we equip teams of the brightest young professionals with design thinking methodologies and the resources to collaborate, and create innovative solutions to your problems.

In the age of digitalization and mass-manufacturing, business models, services and products can easily be replicated. Luckily, companies that partner with us gain valuable insights and new ideas from the brightest minds of tomorrow, giving them the edge to truly stand out and thrive. 

Why Companies
partner with Dash

Competitive Innovation

Every year, partners present their challenges in our hackathon and we bring together the brightest minds from different fields to solve them. The multidisciplinary teams we put together have consistently produced new ideas, novel solutions, and fresh perspectives to improve our partner’s products and services.

"Last year Dash was such a success. We got lot of ideas. One of them even got to top 3 of Kalmar’s innovation challenge competition, and we decided we wanted to participate also this year, just to get more ideas to our innovation funnel."

-Miikka Murremäki
Head of Digital Solutions at Kalmar

(Dash Hack 2022)

Effective Employer Branding

60 000+

Social media interactions

8 000+

Face-to-face marketing interactions


Fields of study in Dash application pool

(Dash Hack 2022)

Top Talent Recruitment


Average age of participants
selected in accordance to partner challenge and recruitment needs)


Partners who recruited participants

"It’s not only about the great amount of ideas that we get in here but also about the people. We get to meet a lot of new young talents that we would like to offer career opportunities at Kalmar, so that’s another thing that we are grateful for."

-Miikka Murremäki
Head of Digital Solutions at Kalmar

(Dash Hack 2022)

Multi-industry track record
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