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Dash is a growing movement that calls for creative problem solving methods in all aspects of life. We aim to connect students and professionals from all fields of study, using the tools and methods of design thinking.

If you share our passion for learning in a diverse and creative way - welcome, you’re exactly where you're supposed to be!

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Upcoming events

World’s Leading
Design Hackathon

8-10th of October 2021 in Helsinki. 48 hours, real company challenges, problem solving using design thinking methods.

Dash Design Hackathon is a weekend-long event that brings together students, graduates and professionals from all fields of study, with a unique focus on teaching and using service design processes as the core method for solving real-life cases brought by companies!

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Dash Talks

Dash Talks is a seminar on the edge of design, business and technology, where industry professionals come together to learn more about design & innovation.

During the event we have keynote speakers sharing their insights on how design and organizational culture have had a huge role in their accomplishments, multiple tracks where you can dive deep into design in practice, and networking with like-minded experts.

Date: 22-23.9.2021

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“It was the year 2017, when two students from Aalto University realised a great problem existed.

Businesses and startups kept on growing in Finland but something vital was commonly left out - design.”


News articles
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“Jos insinööri suunnittelisi hevosen, se olisi kameli – 250 ihmistä ympäri maailmaa ratkoi Helsingissä ongelmia designin avulla”

Article on Dash Design Hackathon and the spread of design thinking in Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish)

Nuoret osaajat mukana luomassa Business Espoo -verkoston brändiä”
Dash Design Hackathon 2018 partner Business Espoo tells how the event has helped renew and improve the company’s brand (in Finnish)


“7 things Dash design hackathon taught me”
A first-person view on participating in the design hackathon (in English)



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