Turku's First Ever Design Hackathon

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When Boost Met Dash

It was getting warmer in the oldest town in Finland and flowers were blooming. But someone at an entrepreneurship society called Boost Turku felt like something was missing. Although with its ancient grace, Turku was yearning for some kind of adapted newness to the people. Thus, Boost reached out to Dash, Europe’s biggest design hackathon, and asked:

“Will you come and give Turku a taste of what design really is?”

And from that, along with the flowers, a great friendship and collaboration blossomed between Dash and Boost.

So this autumn, welcome to Dash x Boost!

Psst... You can apply here!


Want to be a part of the Dash x Boost team? We are looking for you!
Send an e-mail to sally@boostturku.com

Program and challenges

To be announced soon...

Our Team

We are a group of design minded people from Boost, the multidisciplinary entrepreneurship society in Turku. We are ambitious to create a new era of Dash in Turku!