Turku's First Ever Design Hackathon

Thank You for all Participants, Partners and Volunteers!




When Boost Met Dash

It was getting warmer in the oldest town in Finland and flowers were blooming. But someone at an entrepreneurship society called Boost Turku felt like something was missing. Although with its ancient grace, Turku was yearning for some kind of adapted newness to the people. Thus, Boost reached out to Dash, Europe’s biggest design hackathon, and asked:

“Will you come and give Turku a taste of what design really is?”

And from that, along with the flowers, a great friendship and collaboration blossomed between Dash and Boost.

So this autumn, welcome to Dash x Boost!


Turku University of Applied Science (TUAS)/Turku AMK

Lemminkäisenkatu 30

A-Wing entrance (facing Kupittaa sports fields)







Opening Words and Introductions


  • – Companies introduce challenges
  • – “What’s the Double Diamond problem solving design method?
  • – Judging criteria


Hacking begins


Coffee and Tea




Hacking ends




Dash and Boost upcoming events and some treats...!


To the afterparty!

Faces to Look out for

Juuso Salmu

Dash x Boost Mentor
Sales Manager at Acubiz A/S
Advisor to Management at Novellus

What kind of support/mentoring can you offer?
1. How to turn ideas into revenue
2. User-centricity and marketing persona
3. Team-cohesion and reflections

What do people usually not know about you?
I have played on stage with the daughter of John Lee Hooker at Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco.

What do you design?
I design better play time for my daughter and how to get people to smile.

Anna Lundén

Dash x Boost Mentor
Strategic Business Advisor

What kind of support/mentoring can you offer?
1. How to formulate a meaningful positioning for your business
2. What are the rules of premium business
3. How multinational organizations think, act and operate

What do people usually not know about you?
I’m a big believer of stepping out of your comfort zone. Although I am VERY scared of heights, I have jumped one of the highest bungyjumps in the world, Nevis Highwire Jump in New Zealand.

What do you design?
In addition to designing more meaningful business positionings for my clients, I design the everyday calendar of our household consisting of 2 entrepreneurs & 2 kids playing competitive sports. Most of the times client work is the easier part!

Einari Kurvinen

Dash x Boost Mentor
Head of Pedagogy at Eduten

What kind of support/mentoring can you offer?
1. Well experienced in education and coaching students and teachers.
2. Well familiar with tech related startup. Pitching, team building and also the business side has become very familiar to me in addition to many tech stacks.
3. Integrating technical solutions to fit the right environment.

What do people usually not know about you?
I'm a twin.

What do you design?
I design learning experiences.

Hermanni Vuorisalo

Dash x Boost Mentor
Entrepreneur, Designer, Chairman of New Design Association.

What kind of support/mentoring can you offer?
1. Product design and manufacturing
2. Production and branding
3. Design management

What do people usually not know about you?
I sing in a choir.

What do you design?
I design to change my environment for a sustainable future.

Matti Tarmio

Dash x Boost Mentor
Project Manager - Enhancing entrepreneurship at Åbo Akademi

What kind of support/mentoring can you offer?
1. Critical thinking
2. Lean methods
3. Business modelling

What do people usually not know about you?
I love plants and gardening, I get really emotionally attached to my plants.

What do you design?
I design how to make the world a better place by making small positive everyday decisions.

Leevi Vahvelainen

Keynote speaker

Industrial designer and Head of participants in Dash 2018 as service designer and design expert

Leevi will give an introduction to the design process and give hints on what to focus on during the day.

What do you design, Leevi?
I design anything that makes people's life easier; Currently its industrial machinery.




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Our Team

We are a group of design minded people from Boost, the multidisciplinary entrepreneurship society in Turku. We are ambitious to create a new era of Dash in Turku!