Workshops 2021

We will have different workshops where the aim is to bring design thinking and its processes closer to different fields of study

Kuudes - Foresight: Anticipating consumer needs and providing irresistible customer solutions

By Susanna Ollila (Head of Service Design), Emilia Nykänen (Service Designer)

In today’s fast-changing world, foresight is more relevant than ever!
Future Lab is inspiring foresight process to foresee future trends and needs. This is a structured workshop based on Kuudes Foresight data and 10 years of research on The Informed Consumer study.

Emilia Nykänen

Susanna Ollila

Matti Parviainen

Sandra Fernandez

Columbia Road - Designing for Digital Growth:

By Matti Parviainen (Principal Consultant), Sandra Fernandez (Design Consultant)

What does digital growth really mean? What impact does design have on the business results? How to balance between user needs and business success? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions, Designing for Digital Growth is for you.

Dot. - Legal Front-End: How to Design User Interfaces for Law

By Antti Innanen (CEO)

Join Dot's interactive and high-energy workshop about combining legal expertise with human-centric design.

Antti Innanen

Jaakko Luomaranta

Anni Ojajärvi

Mikko Väätäinen

Solita - Applying Design Thinking in open strategy

By Jaakko Luomaranta (Strategy Lead), Anni Ojajärvi (Design Lead) and Mikko Väätäinen (Business Designer)

Opening strategizing for customers, employers and stakeholders creates better strategies but is burdensome to conduct. In a world of constant change strategic adaptation is a must, but difficult to follow through. In our experience, design-thinking is of help in both. 

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