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Since 2017, Dash has taken design thinking to the next level by organizing its biggest hackathon in Europe. Year after year, Dash inspires participants, improves our operations, and expands our impact.

Dash Hack isn’t just big, it’s legendary. 

Are you ready to join a legendary team and pull-off Dash Hack?

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5 Reasons To Volunteer

1. To get familiar with design thinking 
2. To acquire and test new skills
3. To network in a multidisciplinary environment
4. To belong to a spirited, supportive, and FUN team 

What To Expect

Dash Hack 2022 takes place over the weekend, from the 7-9th of October. 

Volunteers are required to be present throughout the whole event and attend an orientation in the evening on Wednesday, the 21st of September.

Want to learn more about the event?

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Hack 2022

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of Dash.

From plotting and planning to hauling and high-fiving— there’s roles to fit every interest and plenty of opportunity to try something new. 

Applications to volunteer at Dash Hack 2022 closed on 11.9.2022, but if you are still interested in getting involved feel free to get in touch.
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Niklas Hamberg

Head of People