Design X Innovation

At Dash, we believe in solving challenges in a multidisciplinary manner with design in mind. With design thinking at core, handpicked young professionals get the best tools to collaborate and create innovative solutions to your problems.

In the age of digitalisation and mass-manufacturing, business models, services and products can easily be replicated. Luckily, companies can use great design as their advantage to truly stand out and thrive. 

By partnering with us, you will get valuable insights and new ideas from the talents of tomorrow attending our hackathon!

Why partner with Dash

Innovation with design

As our partner, your challenge will have multidisciplinary teams consisting of selected participants from different fields competing against each other during the 48-hour hackathon. 

The teams tackle your challenge by creating new concepts providing you with ideas, novel solutions, and fresh perspectives. The solutions can be anything from business model ideas and new product concepts to re-designing the existing functions or products.


Looking for talents with a different profile? By partnering with us, you will have the opportunity to network with people seeing the value of human-centric solutions.

You will have the opportunity to meet creative professionals with outstanding problem-solving skills and get to see first-hand their skills during the 48 hours of hacking. We offer recruitment information to our partners and help them to recruit the right candidates.


We offer our partners the opportunity to bring new aspects about your company into light. Whether it’s building a stronger employer branding or showcasing your other aspects of expertise, our marketing team will be helping you to achieve it.

Multi-industry track record

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Head of Partnerships