About Us

The Dash Story

It was the year 2017, when two students from Aalto University realized a great problem existed.

Businesses and startups kept on growing in Finland, but something vital was commonly left out – design. The void had to be filled and Dash Design was born.

Nowadays, Dash is a growing movement that calls for creative problem-solving methods in all aspects of life. By using the methods of design thinking, we connect students and professionals from all fields of study to tackle complex challenges together.

During the past five years, we have been organizing weekend-long hackathons, Dash Hacks, for multidisciplinary teams to work on challenges provided by our partner companies.

This year, our primary focus is on enhancing participant and partner experience and creating an optimal environment for the participants to live up to their full potential.


We believe that design is for everybody. We strive to emphasize the significant potential lying in diversity – when people from different disciplines come together with a common passion, revolutionary things are born. That’s why we are organizing events for a wide range of people while embracing cross-functioning teams in our design thinking hackathon.


We embrace an atmosphere of doing together in a fun and vivid way, while creating groundbreaking projects and ideas for the future. We’re strong advocates for limitless thinking and curiosity. We are all in for the use of creativity and novel ideas to invent something extraordinary. At Dash, there’s always room to experiment and learn with the support of like-minded people!


We are all about bringing people from diverse backgrounds together. As we say, one can go far, but together we can go even further. We strive for transparent and open communication, respecting our differences and supporting each other. In our team, unity is shown in helping each other out even in the most stressful times and focusing on collaboration rather than competition.

Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.”

Dash Team 2022

Henrik Asklöf

Head of Dash


Rami Ruotsalainen

Head of Operations


Santeri Salmela

Head of Partnerships