Designing the Public Mobility of the Future  with the City of Kuopio

Kuopio is constantly developing the city’s smart mobility and public transport services.

How to improve the attractiveness and usability of buses in the new Savilahti district and campus area? How can they be maintained easily and can be used throughout the year? What could be the new innovative way to connect people with the bus lines?

Helping Self-Employed People Know their Social Security with Elo

Self-employed people and entrepreneurs have a lot of responsibility. Yet they often forget to look after themselves. Many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of how their statutory pension insurance affects their social security as a whole.

How do we increase their understanding of the security that their pension insurance provides?

Designing the Future of Housing with Circular Economy with Hartela

Housing is facing a new era in many ways. Circular economy and buildings’ lifecycle have become hot topics in construction.

But how to make circular economy part of daily living and inspire residents to make the right choices?

How living could be improved using circular economy practices at home? How can circular thinking be integrated into our daily living in an apartment building?

How can Hartela and their ecosystem become the circular economy pioneers in construction in Finland?

Build a Tight Brand for Shop-in-Shops with Kotipizza

The largest pizza restaurant chain in Finland, Kotipizza, is built of two concepts tied up with one brand. Kotipizza shop-in-shops at gas stations are popular, but lack visibility and the feeling that the restaurants have.

How to make them stand out with the Kotipizza brand in the middle of gas station wonderlands of candy, donuts and coffee? How to communicate the differences between brick & mortar restaurants and shop-in-shop locations for the consumers?

Make Companies Choose more Sustainable Transportation Options with Neste

Transportation is one of the heaviest causes of emissions, and the aim is to help customers in adopting cleaner solutions.

How could Neste steer the behavior and decision making of B2B customers towards more sustainable solutions? How could Neste support B2B customers (fleets, buses...) in choosing more sustainable transportation fuel options?

Create more Efficient Ways to Integrate Immigrants to Finnish Working Culture with Startup Refugees

Slow, frustrating, expensive and inefficient have been the words to describe the challenge of integrating the new flow of immigrants.

How to find a quicker and more efficient route to work, integration and self-sustained life for immigrants in Finland? Create a solution and you will impact the work of Startup Refugees, the whole Finnish society, and change the lives of numerous immigrants.

Make a Change in the Finnish Casting Culture with Helsinki Casting

Helsinki Casting is a modern casting office with huge interactive talent database.

Finland's movie industry needs a fix in posture in the current casting culture. There should be collective bargaining terms for everyone working in front of the camera, from professional actors to extras. One of the current problems is that movie extras and actors are not compensated well enough and the productions are therefore lacking the right people.

How to create a fair and functioning system where the needs of all the parties involved are taken into consideration? How can Helsinki Casting push the industry towards fair pays and more convenient practices through the use of new tools for project management?

Create a demo for a user friendly time and effort saving solution!

(This challenge is looking for talented coders, to create a demo during the weekend.)

Past Challenges

Developing airport customer services


In order to fulfill Finavia’s mission to be recognized from an exceptionally high-quality service culture and smooth connection flights this challenge was focused on new ways of delivering high-quality customer service experience in the future with the aid of modern technologies.

Easing the maintenance process of everyday appliances


Is it possible to create cheaper and more sustainable choices concerning the lifecycle of broken-down appliances? The key factors of this challenge were to create solutions to ease the maintenance process, find new ways to provide maintenance or even make new business models around the subject.

Making circular economy services a new normal


Circular economy is a solution made to change the outdated over-consuming culture of ours. How could these services become daily activities making consumers lives easier? New solutions were sought to make people choose circular economy services instead of other options.

Designing games for those still unserved

Electronic Arts

True innovation was sought in the mobile games space by creating responses to the needs of still unserved. This challenge could be approached for example by finding new market segments and extending new genres from already existing categories.

Providing services for entrepreneurs and businesses

City of Espoo

In this challenge the core purpose was to find ways of providing easy and efficient services for businesses in different growing stages and making them better-known amongst entrepreneurs and businesses.

Luring people to the franchising business


Solutions were created based on two main questions: why there is a lack of interest towards franchising and how could the concept and/or the contract be possibly developed to make a change.

Enhancing the gender equality in tech

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab

This challenge focused on enhancing the gender equality and position of women in tech using a certain process developed by Peace Innovation Labs.

Using technology to improve healthcare services

DXC Technology

How could databases and information technology applications be used more efficiently to make healthcare systems less complex and truly helpful for patients and employees?