It was the year 2017, when two students from Aalto University realised a great problem existed.

Businesses and startups kept on growing in Finland but something vital was commonly left out -

The void had to be filled and Dash Design Hackathon was born - today known as the world’s leading design hackathon. 

Starting in 2019, our Dash Talks seminar for industry professionals has created an open platform to bring forth the challenges we can solve by design thinking, from business problems to more complex ones.

In 2020 a movement was born

Over the few years we have been working on emphasizing the value that can be created with great design.

This year, with our newest addition Dash Webinars, we produce all sorts of interesting content that connects design enthusiasts from around the world.
Although we’re known for organizing superb annual events, we aren’t limited to that - Dash has now become a movement with a vision to bring design closer to everyone, all year long and in all aspects of life. Let us tell you, there’s some awesome things coming up.

Our story is just beginning.


“Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.”

-Tate Linden

Our values


Creating a lasting impact on the society we live in is deeply in our core. We care for the environment, and it shines through in all of our choices, from venue building to partnerships.


We’re strong advocates for limitless thinking. Dash is all in for the use of imagination and original ideas to invent something extraordinary.


We believe that design is for everybody. That’s why we’re organizing events for a broad range of people, and embrace cross-functioning teams in the design hackathon. Huge potential lies in diversity.

What defines dash

future, creation, movement, innovation, collaboration, unity, diversity, networking, sustainability, youth, bold, iteration, responsibility, freedom to fail, openness, optimism, relaxed

Our team

Get to know us, the folks behind Dash. We are students who believe in the importance of design. Check out who we are and how to reach us!

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Niina Rauhala

Director of Dash Design Hackathon

Antti Regelin

Vice Director of Dash Design Hackathon

Matias Salonen

Head Partnerships and Finance

Mona Ismail

Director, Strategy

Amy Gelera

Head of Visuals

Kübra Kutlu

Kiri Huhtanen

Head of Marketing

Elias Örmä

Head of Marketing

Kia Vuoksenmaa

Dash team

Join the team, learn new skills, have fun and meet our amazing people!

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