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As humans, we want user-friendly services. Companies, on the other hand, aim to provide competitive products. It is proven, that design-oriented companies outperform others. Find out more here.

To fulfill people and companies’ needs, design is an essential factor. Europe’s biggest hackathon, Dash, makes this all possible by bringing together creative people with various companies and their challenges! Teams combine their strengths in art, tech, business etc. to create concrete concepts and fresh solutions.

About us

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Our Team

Get to know all the peeps behind the Dash! We are all students and we recognise the importance of design. Check out who we are and what we design in our own lives!

Our Values

Our History

It was year 2016, when wise young students, Axel Cedercreutz and Iida Palosuo, of Aalto University, realized a great problem existed.

Businesses and startups kept on growing in Finland, but something vital was commonly left out. Design.

The void had to be filled, and so Dash was born.

At first we wanted to focus on changing people’s mindset by teaching the importance of design. We also wanted to connect talents from all different fields of art, tech and business.

As the first of its kind – today known as the biggest design hackathon in Europe –  Dash focuses on not only creating products, but using design processes and knowledge to make a real impact on companies’ processes. We want always to improve our actions to serve you the best you deserve.

Design thinking

The Double Diamond

Here’s a demonstration of a design process in a form of a double diamond (fancy, ha!). Here, as an example, let’s imagine the time before Airbnb and how a possible design process would go. Go ahead and click the steps to dive deeper!

Got a problem, eh? Don’t ya worry buddy, we’ve got your back!

In this step you’re supposed to widen your perspective of the problem through background research and brainstorming. Scribble down all your ideas – crazy or not!

In the case of Airbnb, the problem would be limited amount of accomodation available in both popular and unknown travel destinations. Hotels are often too expensive, especially for young travelers. They also tend to be quite homogenic around the world and don’t provide possibilities to meet locals. Youngsters, however, often value low price over special comfort, but might prefer a private room over a hostel dorm.

Now you need to narrow down the parts of the problem into a definition. Now that you are familiar with the problem, it is time to start exploring all the solutions that come to your mind.

The bottom line of the problem is that there’s a need for more variety in accommodations and their prices.

So what can we do for this? We could always build more (and cheaper) hotels but that wouldn’t be very efficient. As people are looking for accommodation, there are always lots of empty apartments in any given city.

Go through your ideas and choose the ones that most efficiently eliminate the causes of the problem.

Create a platform that allows people to stay in regular people’s apartments. This also enables encounters with locals and a wider price range for private rooms. For the owner of an empty apartment or room, renting it out is an easy way to make money.

The importance of design thinking

You might wonder why we consider this so important. Simply for these benefits that design thinking provides:

“Design is the ability to move from the existing to the preferred. The future is a design problem.”
– John Kao

Dash is organized by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, the largest and most developed student entrepreneurship community in Europe. Aaltoes organizes various events and programs to promote entrepreneurship and help early-stage startups to start their ventures. Aaltoes is behind events and programs such as Kiuas, early-stage startup incubator, and FallUp, Europe’s entrepreneurship event for students.