Dash 2018

Past Challenges

Developing airport customer services


In order to fulfill Finavia’s mission to be recognized from an exceptionally high-quality service culture and smooth connection flights this challenge was focused on new ways of delivering high-quality customer service experience in the future with the aid of modern technologies.

Easing the maintenance process of everyday appliances


Is it possible to create cheaper and more sustainable choices concerning the lifecycle of broken-down appliances? The key factors of this challenge were to create solutions to ease the maintenance process, find new ways to provide maintenance or even make new business models around the subject.

Making circular economy services a new normal


Circular economy is a solution made to change the outdated over-consuming culture of ours. How could these services become daily activities making consumers lives easier? New solutions were sought to make people choose circular economy services instead of other options.

Designing games for those still unserved

Electronic Arts

True innovation was sought in the mobile games space by creating responses to the needs of still unserved. This challenge could be approached for example by finding new market segments and extending new genres from already existing categories.

Providing services for entrepreneurs and businesses

City of Espoo

In this challenge the core purpose was to find ways of providing easy and efficient services for businesses in different growing stages and making them better-known amongst entrepreneurs and businesses.

Luring people to the franchising business


Solutions were created based on two main questions: why there is a lack of interest towards franchising and how could the concept and/or the contract be possibly developed to make a change.

Enhancing the gender equality in tech

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab

This challenge focused on enhancing the gender equality and position of women in tech using a certain process developed by Peace Innovation Labs.

Using technology to improve healthcare services

DXC Technology

How could databases and information technology applications be used more efficiently to make healthcare systems less complex and truly helpful for patients and employees?

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